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NextGenSprites is a extensive and modular Shader-Set made for Unity's 2D Sprite System.

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NEW 1.3.9

  • Enabled Z-Buffer writing to shadowy shaders

NEW 1.3.8

  • FIX: Alpha channel on Liquid shader

NEW 1.3.7

  • Fixed disabled Culling on FX Shaders
  • Fixed Encoding Error on NGS.cginc

NEW 1.3.6

  • All Shaders can now be tinted by the SpriteRenderer Components color property. This is the same behavior as with Unity's Standard Sprites which does not yield new Material Instances and reduces Draw Calls (i.e. preserves Batching).

NEW 1.3.5

  • Glass/Liquid: Added "SpriteBlending" Property
    • Note: Sprites may appear invisible, just ramp up alph back to 1
  • Glass/Liquid: Screengrab is now properly tinted

NEW 1.3.4

  • MegaStack: "_Layer4" Property redefinition error
  • Android/Linux(?): nVIDIA CG to GLSL conversion could not perform implicit int to float casting

NEW 1.3.3

  • Shadow casting works now properly on flipped and rotated Sprites
  • Point/Spot Lights now do cast Shadows (before only Directional Lights were supported)
  • Reduced Vertex-output register count

NEW 1.3.2

  • Liquid Shader supports Render Textures

NEW 1.3.1

  • Hue Shift with Saturation and Contrast
  • Bug Fixes and Shader Code refactoring

NEW 1.3

  • Dual Material
  • Shadow Receicing Shader variation
  • Mega Stack Unlit Shader to Stack 10 Sprites in one
  • Smooth Property Collection Lerping

NEW 1.2

  • Multi Layer: Adds three individual Layers on top without extra Drawcalls
  • Scrolling and Tinting for individual layers
  • Stencil Masking for Multi Layer
  • Multi Channel Emission with Pulse Animation
  • Main Sprite Scrolling with correct behaviour
  • Properties Collections to store variations as Asset in your Project

One Standard Shader - Many Features

The Standard Shader covers:

  • Multi Layer Sprites + Scrolling
  • Huer Shift
  • Curvature (Normal mapping)
  • Reflections (Screenspace Projected)
  • Multi RGB Channel Emission
  • Tranmission
  • Dissolve with Edge Glow
  • Triple Sprite Layer Stacking

FX Shaders - Because why not?

Use the included FX Shaders to make your Sprites even more awesome:

  • Glass
  • Lava
  • Liquid
  • Mega Stack

No idea what all these features do? Just try the Webplayer Demo for the "Aha!" effect.

Much Control

The Material Inspector does not only give you much control over all properties and tinting, but you can also use Photoshop style Masking to occlude areas of your sprite from Emission and Reflection.


The Standard Shader can operate

with either Multiple Lights, only Directional Light or be just Unlit(reduced feature set).

À la carte

With its dynamic "Toggle as you need" Workflow, NextGenSprites allows you to only use the Features you need on a per Material basis.

Intuitive and well Documented

The Custom Material Inspector is not only easy to use, but each section and feature sports a help button to jump you straight into the corresponding Wiki entry.

Scripting and Playmaker

With the included Helper Methods and Playmaker Actions, changing or animating the Sprites Materials at runtime becomes super easy!


NextGenSprites includes a big variety of Assets for prototyping and testing.

  • Normal Maps
  • Flow Maps
  • Dissolve Maps
  • Diffused Reflection Textures


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